Microtron Technologies Joins Solar Pakistan 2017

Microtron Technologies participated in “Solar Pakistan” this year officially known as the 6th International Renewable Energy Exhibition and Conference. This event had more than 150 exhibitors from 15 countries all over the world and highlighted new technologies in the renewable resource sector. As countries face possible energy issues in the future; this event looked to generate discussions from a variety in stakeholders how solar energy can play a vital part in mitigating such issues.

Solar Pakistan vision as stated on their website: “Solar Fair Pakistan 2017 is design to serve and advance the solar market by bringing together the industry leaders, manufacturers and leaders to seek new business technologies, business solutions and other market factors.”

Microtron Techonologies was able to bring its wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry to various stakeholders. Microtron’s products of energy storage systems, solar panels and transportation sector gathered much interest during the Conference. MT will continue to push forwards its emerging technology to drive the renewable industry.