SME Stand Graced by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed & H.H. Sheikh Hamdan

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum conversed with Microtron’s Inventor, Founder and President Waseem Ashraf Qureshi about Microtron’s 16-30 second fast charging electric vehicles, and the future of transportation.

Microtron Technologies Inc., was the Innovation Sponsor at the Solar Middle East Exhibition, 2016, in Dubai, UAE, launching its MOTEV E-mobility product line to the great interest of high profile visitors and the general public.

“His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum…toured the Solar Middle East exhibition,…to review developments in the electricity and solar energy sector, especially with regard to clean energy. The Ruler of Dubai welcomed the fact that many countries in the world, including the UAE, are moving towards producing clean energy to protect the environment from pollution, preserve human health, and reduce the high costs of conventional electricity…”(SME Press Release)

Middle East Electricity’s news publication apportioned one page to the Solar Middle East Exhibition, and this one page was devoted to Microtron and its sister company KiloWatt Labs groundbreaking technologies, as the hall’s most promising companies.
“We were excited to find overwhelming interest from the launch of our fast-charging battery technology from our distinguished guests, and the delegates and visitors of the Solar Middle East Exhibition,” said Waseem.
“Technology is the key to unlocking a sustainable future, and this summit is the meeting place at the cutting edge of possibility”, said Nasir Khattak CEO of Microtron Technologies. “We are confident that our ultra-fast-charging technology - launching as part of a complete e-mobility system - will bring a new paradigm in transportation to the market, which will not only reduce the operating costs for consumers but also reduce air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.”
The concept is a holistic e-mobility charging eco-system consisting of fixed charging stations complete with solar rooftops, mobile charging stations and electric vehicles equipped with fast charging batteries and conventional vehicles that may be converted to plug-in hybrid or pure fast charging electric. Waseem further explained: “We expect that Rick-e (which is available for sale) would lead the way in transforming the entire transportation system in many cities in Asia and Africa to a fossil-fuel-free, electric charge-based energy ecosystem.”
Nasir concluded, “SME was a terrific opportunity to meet the business partners that we will be working with over the coming months, to take these ideas from the drawing board to roadways around the world. We received interest from businessmen in 30+ countries and look forward to pursuing the very best of these opportunities, all thanks to an incredibly successful event.”