By leveraging an electrostatic vs electrochemical storage approach. Microtron is able to achieve performance attributes unattainable with chemical batteries. This makes Microtron solutions suitable for a range of challenging applications that require intense charge or discharge rates, high cycle life or challenging environmental locations.

  • High discharge rates (up to 40C) without impacting product life
  • High recharge rates (up to 40C) without impacting product life
  • High cycle life of 500,000 cycles
  • Wide usable temperature window of -20C to 65C


Unlike chemical batteries, electrostatic storage is not vulnerable to excessive heating and highly exothermic uncontrolled chemical reactions.

  • Intrinsic safety that is not vulnerable to structural piercing or system deformation
  • Minimal electrolyte that does not require containment
  • Can be transported with zero charge for increased shipping safety


Microtron technology’s long cycle life, high efficiency and robust temperature performance provide high long term value in many applications.

  • Cycle life of 500,000 cycles results in 10-20X longer life than chemical batteries
  • Round trip efficiency of 94% results in more usable output power with reduced internal heating
  • Robust temperature range means there is lower system-level cost from not needing air conditioning and net efficiency is improved by not running air conditioning


Microtron introduces the world's fastest charging electric 3-wheel vehicle (rickshaw or tuk-tuk)

Rick-e is the world’s fastest charging electric vehicle! As the first vehicle with a non-chemical ultra-capacitor battery Rick-e takes 16 to 30 seconds to fully charge, and runs for 100 miles or 150 kilometers on a single charge with four passengers and a driver on board...

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Microtron Technologies Joins Solar Pakistan 2017

Microtron Technologies participated in “Solar Pakistan” this year officially known as the 6th International Renewable Energy Exhibition and Conference. This event had more than 150 exhibitors from 15 countries all over the world and highlighted new technologies in the renewable resource sector. As countries face possible energy issues in the future; this event looke.......

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Microtron Launches Its MOTEV Line Products At Solar Middle East

Microtron Technologies, Inc. showcases its MOTEV product line, at Solar Middle East, 2017 in Dubai, UAE. MOTEV products utilize Microtron’s proprietary Graphene based energy storage and fast charging technology that has the potential to revolutionize the automotive industry. By reducing charging times for electric vehicles to less than the time it takes to refuel a.......

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MOTEV Product Line Showcased at Intersolar Middle East

Microtron Technologies, Inc. showcased the MOTEV E-mobility product line at Intersolar Middle East, 2016 in Dubai, UAE. As experienced through past exhibitions, the ultra-capacitor fast-charging battery technology excited delegates and visitors at the Intersolar Middle East Exhibition, resulting in Microtron building valuable connections to enter regional markets around the globe. In ad.......

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SME Stand Graced by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed & H.H. Sheikh Hamdan

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum conversed with Microtron’s Inventor, Founder and President Waseem Ashraf Qureshi about Microtron’s 16-30 second fast charging electric vehicles, and the future of transportation. Microtron Technologies Inc., was the Innovation Sponsor at the Solar Middle East Exhibition, 2016, in Dubai, UAE, launching its MOTEV E-mobility prod.......

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