By leveraging an electrostatic vs electrochemical storage approach. Microtron is able to achieve performance attributes unattainable with chemical batteries. This makes Microtron solutions suitable for a range of challenging applications that require intense charge or discharge rates, high cycle life or challenging environmental locations.

  • High discharge rates (up to 40C) without impacting product life
  • High recharge rates (up to 40C) without impacting product life
  • High cycle life of 500,000 cycles
  • Wide usable temperature window of -20C to 65C


Unlike chemical batteries, electrostatic storage is not vulnerable to excessive heating and highly exothermic uncontrolled chemical reactions.

  • Intrinsic safety that is not vulnerable to structural piercing or system deformation
  • Minimal electrolyte that does not require containment
  • Can be transported with zero charge for increased shipping safety


Microtron technology’s long cycle life, high efficiency and robust temperature performance provide high long term value in many applications.

  • Cycle life of 500,000 cycles results in 10-20X longer life than chemical batteries
  • Round trip efficiency of 94% results in more usable output power with reduced internal heating
  • Robust temperature range means there is lower system-level cost from not needing air conditioning and net efficiency is improved by not running air conditioning

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