Microtron Launches Its MOTEV Line Products At Solar Middle East

Microtron Technologies, Inc. showcases its MOTEV product line, at Solar Middle East, 2017 in

Dubai, UAE. MOTEV products utilize Microtron’s proprietary Graphene based energy storage

and fast charging technology that has the potential to revolutionize the automotive industry. By

reducing charging times for electric vehicles to less than the time it takes to refuel a gasoline car,

MOTEV enables wider electric vehicle adoption and makes it economically viable to install

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points at existing gas/petrol station infrastructure thereby

eliminating user’s range anxiety.

Microtron’s first commercialized product: the electric rickshaw or “Rick-e” was introduced in

the Spring of 2016 and generated high demand in the South Asian and African markets. At Solar

Middle East 2017 Microtron is introducing the MOTEV conversion kit & battery for NEV

(Neighborhood Electric Vehicles), which includes golf carts and other smaller electric vehicles

that are used at airports, parking lots and other business establishments. The lead acid batteries

currently used in these vehicles, which take 8 hours to charge, can now be replaced with

Microtron’s ESD 4.0 battery that charges in 16 to 30 seconds while maintaining an equivalent

driving range.

In addition, the current MOTEV line of products include two motorbike models, an electric bike,

and conversion kits for various models of rickshaws and tuk-tuks. Pilot projects to convert a

transit bus and a diesel school bus are progressing in New York State. Microtron is also

developing an energy storage device for the Nissan Leaf, replacing the lithium ion battery with

the ESD 4.0 providing 16 to 30 second fast-charging ability, and this product is expected to be

available in the market in September, 2017.

Microtron’s energy storage device, the ESD 4.0 is based on the Composite Charge Cache (C 3 )

technology that utilizes highly enriched graphene and a combination of chemical and non-

chemical layers of cell architecture to achieve an energy density comparable to Lithium-ion

batteries. The ESD 4.0 can last over 40 years with one million charge-discharge cycles,

maintains 99.91 percent efficiency, boasting 0-100% depth of discharge, and a temperature

tolerance from -40 to 80 degrees C.

Microtron’s MOTEV line presents a complete set of e-mobility solutions, combining the most

advanced energy storage products with fast charging technology, and solar electricity generation.

This e-mobility ecosystem based on renewable energy can bring a new paradigm to the

transportation market while low operating costs enable consumer adoption. MOTEV products

reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, combating urban pollution and Climate