Exhibiting 16-30 Second Fast Charging Vehicles

Microtron Technologies, Inc., a Washington D.C.-based technology development firm dedicated to creating a sustainable future, launched its e-mobility concept at the World Future Energy Summit, 2016, in Abu Dhabi, and the Solar Middle East Exhibition in Dubai March 1st to 3rd.

“We are excited to launch our ultra-fast-charging battery technology to the delegates and visitors at World Future Energy Summit and Solar Middle East. Technology is the key to unlocking a sustainable future, and this summit is the meeting place at the cutting edge of possibility”, said Nasir Khattak CEO and Co-Founder of Microtron Technologies. “We are confident that our ultra-fast-charging technology - launching as part of a complete e-mobility system - will bring a new paradigm in transportation to the market, which will not only reduce the operating costs for the consumers but also reduce air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions” he added.

Waseem Ashraf Qureshi, the inventor, and Microtron’s Founder and President expanded on the launch: “We will be displaying a plug-in electric hybrid car, electric motorcycles and a 3-wheeler or electric Rickshaw (Rick-e), all powered by our ultra-fast-charging batteries, that will charge in 16 to 30 seconds, thereby, overcoming the major challenge of enforced lengthy idle time – slowing the mass adoption of electric vehicles. Furthermore, our ultra-fast-charge does not degrade the battery as with standard methods in the market today; making the switch to electric vehicles more commercially and practically viable for a host of applications.”

Please download the below press release PDF file for additional information. 


Download: Media Release - Microtron launch at SME 2016.docx