Solar Middle East Exhibition (March 1st-3rd)

The exhibition took place at the World Trade Center in Dubai and Microtron Technologies Inc. was represented throughout the conference as the Solar Middle East Innovation Sponsor showcasing its novel products amidst MENA, and the World's, most exciting, ground-breaking and rapidly expanding energy companies.


 Entrance to Solar Middle EastSME Stand presenting Auto-MOTEV, Rick-e & MOTEV Bike

Microtron Technologies provides energy storage solution across multiple Sectors

Technological breakthrough achieved in the application of ultra-capacitors for e-mobility, energy storage, power management, and consumer electronics. 

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Microtron's Rick-e, electric rickshaw/tuk-tuk to enter markets and roadways throughout Africa, SE Asia, India and Pakistan

The Rick-e charges its 150km range storage capacity in just 16-30 seconds. Rick-e provides a reliable, low cost, pollution and emission free transportation solution for the developing world. 

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KiloWatt Labs, Microtron's sister company for grid storage and power management presents the Sirius: Energy Storage and Centauri: SMES Server

Inversion load management 5X typical system size, energy absorption and transfer in seconds and 45 year system lifespan, qualify these products as critical for any smart grid, Uninterruptible Power System (UPS), or off-grid scenario. 

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Consumer electronic Mobile Power Pack will end your smart phone charging headache permanently

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Microtron's e-mobility product line, MOTEV, to provide the energy storage and motive force for: motorcycles, golf & airport carts, cars, buses, trucks and more!

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